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The Savannah has made true the dreams of many cat lovers around the world since the late 1990s, following a long dedication by Judee Frank and later Patrick Kelley. Bred to a domestic cat, the African Serval, creates this exotic-looking cat and that was named after the Savannah Grasslands.


These amazing animals with their beautiful color and spots will take your breath away. These cats have an extremely high intelligence level, form a heartwarming bond, and are tirelessly playful, good with animals and children, affectionate all with the temperament of the family dog.


All Paws N Purrs strives to enhance this amazing breed and place our fur-kids in their forever homes to provide our extended family, you, with Savannahs with the most striking spots, vivid color, long lean bodies, and kind personalities.


I have added a few links to wonderfully detailed descriptions of the Savannah beginnings and definitions of the breed. In short, an F1 Savannah loves human contact but rarely wants to be held. These guys can range from 15 to 30lbs with a super long lean body that appears much larger than it actually is. They often bond with one person and are good around other animals. The F2 Savannah can often be between 12-25lbs. Plays to no end, bonds with one or two people, good with other pets and children, with again a long lean body. Males are often around the size of the F1’s. F3 and F4 Savannah cats are great for bonding with larger families and closest to the domestic cat personality.


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